How It All Started

About Cornish Botanicals

I started this business to spread the word of this amazing plant and to help educate people, also to support the efforts of individuals and organisations like the WTU fighting to halt the Prohibition of all Cannabinoids. Not just the few Cannabinoids the powers that be say we can have. But all of the 113 different Cannabinoids that have been found so far. I refuse to hide the fact that hemp and cannabis are one in the same, and all Cannabinoids are essential in supporting our Endocannabinoid system and achieving homeostasis, in humans as well as all mammals on the planet.

It is time for us to end the stigma and the Lies surrounding Cannabis.

As a seller of CBD i am not allowed to tell you about the many benefits of CBD,but  the information is out there. Please see our Cannabidiol (CBD) Information page for further resources and information regarding CBD

My journey with cannabis started at school in my teenage years as it does with many people. I took cannabis as a preference to Alcohol for many years. when me and my rock of a partner decided to have kids, I gave up and smoked occasionally at party’s. Until i had an operation in 2006 that went very wrong. I came out of hospital with a horrible condition called C.R.P.S in my right leg. After joining lots of groups on Facebook trying to understand and make sense of my condition. To my surprise Cannabis was constantly mentioned in the groups as giving relief. So my Journey begins. I have managed to cut my Opioid pain killers to a 3rd with the help of cannabis in the last 12 years. Then 3 years ago i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And again looked to the internet for help to find that Cannabis was of great benefit for that also. I now suffer from PTSD after being run over by a criminal trying to get away after he hit my car with no insurance in 2017. I started this company as a sort of therapy and to take my mind off things. I also used the Compensation money i got from that ordeal to start this business. Which brings me to where we are now, I have spent the last 2 years studying and watching the whole thing grow and grow. With more and more research and facts coming everyday. I’m now ready to bring the highest Quality range of products from around the world.

Please read Our Information about, Cannabidiol/CBD and Your Endocannabinoid system/ECS

Do your research please.

Your well being is in your hands, nobody is going to tell you this information, but its there if you look.